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Date: Nov 16, 2019

We have been a customer of Bug Free for several years now and they have always done a great job and answered any questions we may have had. We also like the fact that the chemicals used are safe for pets and kids.

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Saturday, 14 March 2009 15:49
There are hundreds of insects and other creatures that can invade our homes and become pests. There is no one standardized treatment for controlling every pest around every home.
  • Inspect the home for current and potential harborage areas of pests. We perform a pest audit and supply you with pest tips and preventive maintenance recommendations to maximize BugFree results  

  • BugFree provides residual protection against new hatchings as well as new invaders. Materials typically include odor-free baits and powders placed in strategic locations and out of harms way of people, pets and children.

  • Service the Interior of the home or property and  baseboard areas with a compressed air sprayer

  • Apply a crack and crevice treatment or bait in kitchen and bathroom areas 

  • Apply a 6-10 foot exterior band treatment around the perimeter of the home

  • Treat breeding sites such as garages, voids and all entry points 

  • Service the attic side of the soffit and fascia boards with an insecticidal dust

  • Service the crawl space
    • Apply an insecticidal dust along the hill strip

    • Apply a long lasting residual insecticide at the plumbing, electrical line, cable line, and

    • HVAC entry points

    • Pull insulation back and service under bathrooms, kitchen sink and vent wells

    • Look for drainage problems, inadequate ventilation, damage etc·              

  • Pests and infestations can be reduced significantly with an exterior service program. In our semi-tropical climate programs including routine year-round treatments are necessary to maintain a BugFree environment.

  • Inspect and Treat Outside areas (yard) for Fire Ant mounds Granulate the entire yard for maximum protection

  • We apply the appropriate service to the solve pest problem

  • If needing extra services, ex: flea control, wasp control. Discounts are available 

BugFree’s General Pest Control is highly effective in eliminating and controlling the following insects












Pantry Pests

Pill bugs

Snails and Slugs

Most household invaders


Regardless of your pest problem and application need, BugFree has the solution - including the right product, treatment protocol, education   - all supported by our experienced  Certified Technicians/Applicators and  Specialists and Customer Service Representatives.  BugFree wants to help you select the best Treatment for your specific insect control problem.

  • Apartments, Town homes, Condominiums

  • Campgrounds, RV Parks, Trailers

  • Beach Houses, Lake homes, River Cabins, and vacation rentals

  • Storage Areas

  • Homes

  • Hospitals

  • Hotels & Motels

  • Meat Packing & Food Processing Plants

  • Doctor & Dentistry offices

  • Nursing homes & Retirement Communities and Assisted living homes

  • Recreational Areas, Community / subdivision pools, parks and playground equipment  areas

  • Resorts

  • Restaurants and other Food Handling Establishments

  • Barns, Horse stalls

  • Schools

  • Supermarkets

  • Transportation Equipment (Buses, Boats, Ships, Trains, Trucks, and Planes)

  • Warehouses

  • ALL Commercial and Industrial BuildingsAs your pest management professional, we can show you what services  will work Best for your pest management needs.

We are also offering Go Green Program benefiting Eco Living Friendly Pest Control using only all natural Environmental Safe, Non Toxic Products for residential or commercial properties. Please call 281-373-0086 for pricing.

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